August 17th, 2018


И никаких вам фоточек!

В сентябре 1915 года английских газетчиков, издателей морской литературы и открыток, власти официально уведомили, что отныне запрещается всяческая публикация, фотографирование частными лицами и даже собирание снимков, чертежей и рисунков кораблей Королевского ВМФ – согласно принятому за год до того Закону об обороне королевства (Defence of the Realm Act).


The following instruction has been received from the Admiralty:

The attention of all concerned in the publication or sale of picture postcards or photographs is drawn to the fact that photograph, profile outlines, drawings, or silhouettes of any of his Majesty’s ships, or picture postcards of the same character, that might in any way assist enemy agents in the identification of his Majesty’s ships must be regarded as coming under Regulation 16 of the Defence of the Realm Regulations, which forbids the collecting, recording, publishing, or communicating any information with respect to the description or condition of any of his Majesty’s ships of such a nature as is calculated to be, or might be, directly or indirectly useful to the enemy, or the possession without lawful authority or excuse, of any document containing such information, photographs, profile outlines, drawings or silhouettes, and picture postcards of this nature therefore should no longer be exposed for sale, and no dealings in such articles, whether by sale or otherwise, should take place during the continuance of the war.

Nottingham Evening Post, 27th September 1915.